Tutorial Files for CorelDRAW 5 Official Guide

illustration of tutorial files

Here are the tutorial files for the CorelDRAW X5 Official Guide ! These can also be downloaded from www.mhprofessional.com/computingdownload, but as long as you're here, dive it. Note that—as you'll see in the book—that not every chapter requires tutorial files, so this is the complete catalog of CDR and other files used to learn more, learn faster, and simply do neat stuff with version X5 and the Official Guide.


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Chapter 11     Chapter 12      Chapter 15     Chapter 16     Chapter 17      Chapter 18   Chapter 19

Chapter 20     Chapter 22       Chapter 23       Chapter 24       Chapter 25       Chapter 26       Chapter 28

The Bonus Chapters...

...are in Acrobat PDF file format, and they are zipped, so if your brwoser supports the PDF object type, you don't get hung up trying to display a 1MB+file.

bonus files for Official X5 guide

   CorelDRAW X5 Quick Reference

  Bonus Chapter 1 on how to build your own typeface

Bonus Chapter 2, automation in CorelDRAW X5, including VBA


Have fun CorelDRAW-ing and be sure to visit The Pixel Dust Forum at TheBoutons.com for Q & A and lively discussions on DRAw and other programs.